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Karen M. Pierce
Having led through catastrophic events — such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster — and liaising at the highest of levels, including securing commercial overflight rights of Russian airspace with the Russian authorities just as the cold war was ending, Karen Pierce is an expert in business and crisis leadership. 

An accomplished international businesswoman and pilot, with a background in aviation, technology, and manufacturing, Karen’s unique leadership framework has broken new ground in facilitating successful, authentic leadership in the midst of change and disruption. 

Graduating top in her aerospace engineering class and quickly rising to leadership in the aerospace industry, Karen has put her proven framework into practice in her own successful consulting firm in Asia and the United States. 

Her framework is used to unite splintered teams, drive productivity, foresee and offset significant company threats. It helps leaders leverage their unique talents, create a winning company culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation to enable organizations to thrive. 

With an intimate understanding in the art of tactful leadership and negotiation, Karen has liaised with U.S. Senators to support a Defense Budget Bill, she’s spearheaded $250 million aviation projects, and also led the development of a defense product key to the Desert Storm victory. 

Now running her own coaching and consulting business, Karen brings her unique skill set of business development, crisis management, and  leadership, to empower organizations and leaders around the world.

Jeannie Duncan, PhD

Jeannie works with brilliant leaders to make a big difference in the world. Her passion is helping technical experts who become organizational leaders align their quest for excellence with the talents and well-being of their teams and organizations, and fully takeoff on their path to stardom.

Jeannie has 25 years of corporate executive experience in talent management and organizational development roles across the U.S., Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America. 

With her support, leaders have shifted organizational cultures to strengthen engagement and contribution at all levels, and re-engineered talent management processes resulting in increased productivity and unparalleled employee and community loyalty.
She now serves the top executives who need her most, across a broad range of industries from retail to mining and manufacturing, to create successful, healthy, mutually rewarding and thriving workplaces everywhere.

A graduate of Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence Based Coaching Program and certified in group coaching, Jeannie also has three Master’s degrees―in Educational Administration, Human Resources Management and Development, and Organizational Development―and her PhD in Human and Organizational Systems.

Jeannie Duncan, PhD

John Lovato

Financial strategist and fiscal guardian with over 25 years experience in accounting, financial planning, analysis, and business process improvement. John’s ability to strategically drive positive change comes from a diverse background as a CPA, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and experience in organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 50 companies.

While VP of Finance at JPMorgan Chase, John led a global initiative to standardize financial reporting best practices across the Chase enterprise. His financial leadership continued at Wells Fargo & Co, where he led strategic initiatives focused on increasing operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. 

John has been a key strategic advisor within smaller companies driving financial reporting and accounting efficiencies, cash management, and structured debt and equity deals.

John’s passion for financial analytics and fiscal discipline are key ingredients of KMP Consulting’s innovative business growth framework.

Tom Pierce

Tom made his career by leading and growing organizations from small startups to a business unit in a Fortune 75 company. Not only were the organizations of varying size but were globally and culturally diverse, with teams in Europe, India, China, Asia and South America.

With his extensive experience with B2B companies which supply highly engineered products and complex system solutions, Tom is exceptionally skilled in developing and leading cross-cultural teams that deliver results.

Before leaving corporate America to help found KMP Consulting, his most recent role was to complete the organizational transformation of a family-owned company that in the 10 years since its acquisition never produced the expected results. Over the course of 3 years Tom successfully completed the transformation from family company to a professionally managed, globally integrated business unit of one of America’s largest companies.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota Aerospace Engineering department with both Bachelor and Masters degrees, with Honors, Tom has worked as an engineer designing some of the most advanced products to leading large global organizations.

The depth and breath of experience Tom brings to KMP Consulting are invaluable for growing and transforming our clients' businesses. 

Tom Pierce

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