Karen M. Pierce

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Find Perfect Balance in Your Priorities, Passions & Purpose!

If you are exhausted trying to do it all, be it all, have it all...this book is for you. Pursue your passions and purpose, enjoy life, relationships and work with less stress, more love and more laughter!

What you can expect to learn from my book

You don't have to choose!

Smart, talented women do not need to choose between a career which ignites them and a personal life that enriches them.

Eliminate the compromise!

No more heart-wrenching, guilt-ridden decisions balancing the sea-saw of work and family responsibilities. 

Stop juggling

Eliminate the stress of imminent failure because you cannot keep all the balls in the air.

It's not work/life balance

This book shows you the power of integrating your life rather than attempting to just balance it.

A powerful system

Systematic guidelines to create the life you desire - a rich, loving personal life, a dynamic rewarding career and time to enjoy it all

Exercise your superpowers

Take control of your time, be more productive, less stressed and able to spend time on ourself and your significant relationships.

​It's My Tim​e will help you...

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    Satisfy the demands of work and family without compromising your principles
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    Be more successful by doing less, better
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    Lead 9-5 in a 24/7 world
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    Conquer schedule schizophrenia
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    Take more time off and more time with the ones you love
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    Find strength and respect in 'No'
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    Transform 'have-tos' into 'want-tos'
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    Embrace setbacks with an opportunity mindset
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    Minimize conflict by creating more win-win opportunities
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    Embrace all the roles you play fully to be the person you were designed to be

​Karen Pierce, the author

Karen is an author, speaker and coach who helps women achieve success in their careers and balance in life. She believes that women are strongest when they are whole, and through the many roles they embrace, are able to more fully impact the world and their own family.

Take charge of your career and recharge your personal life.