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When women come to me, they often ask: “How did you create your amazing Loving and Lifelong relationship with Tom?”

Their thought process looks something like this:

  • My relationship is not what I desire or dreamed of!
  • I struggle to see myself as strong and confident!
  • I'm uncertain of even what I want in my relationship!
  • And, I’m lonelier than I’ve ever been!

The man you thought would love you forever is distant, or may not even be around, so how can you be sure what you need to do to create that "Happily-Ever-After" relationship?

Every woman is 100% deserving of a man to love them for who they are, to share their lives with, that the kids love and respect and who brings out the best in them!

Grab my guide now to discover how you can be confident of the steps you can take to create and enjoy a REAL Loving & Lifelong Relationship with that special man in your life!

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In my guide, Three Steps To A Loving and Lifelong Relationship, you will learn the secrets to:

  • Recovering your strength, acknowledging your talents, and feeling lovable again
  • Regaining confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • Becoming content and fulfilled
  • Sure of what you want and need in your relationship
  • Developing new relationship patterns for lifelong success

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Karen M. Pierce


Karen is a relationship coach who understands the deep hurt, loneliness and debilitating overwhelm of divorce. Over the last several decades she’s helped many women like you become confident, independent and full of hope - ready for the right relationship, smart enough to know what that looks like, AND equipped to nurture it for a lifetime.  Her purpose for writing her book, It’s My Time, is to save marriages by empowering women for success at home and in the workplace.

Karen Pierce Relationship Coach

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