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It all starts at The Finish Line.

I’ve created a guide to help you envision the life you desire five years from now.

If you are asking, “What difference will five years make?” my answer is, “All the difference in the world!”

In five short years::

  • Nobodies were discovered and rose to super stardom
  • Childless couples have conceived and/or become adoptive parents.
  • New companies were born and made millions for the owners.
  • Kids who weren’t expected to graduate high school graduated from college.
  • Widows and widowers crippled by loss have found love and life again.

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Karen M. Pierce


Karen is an author, speaker and coach who helps women create a life of significance. She believes that women are strongest when they are whole, and through the many roles they embrace, are able to more fully impact the world and their own family.

Karen Pierce Relationship Coach

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